Hiking and Biking Routes

In 2017, a new St. Thomas trail map was created to identify local walking, hiking and cycling routes in the City. To view this new map, click here or see the attachment below.

There are many different smart phone apps that map and track your walk,run, ride or hikes.  These apps are a lot of fun!  They are also incredibly useful when our communities develop new trails or cycling routes as we will be able to see which routes are the preferred routes in our community.  We recommend the following apps:   

Map My Ride - Search bike maps in your area, track cycling workouts in our online bike training log and track your favourite biking routes.  Several local routes have already been mapped.  Sign up for a free account.

Strava - Track all your runs, rides and cross-training too.  Upload your activities from your Garmin, Android or iPhone and Strava will automatically log all your workouts.  Strava also allows you to compare your effort against past efforts as well and compete against other athletes who have done the same segment.  See where you rank and start moving up the leader boards.  

Hiking and Cycling Trail Map

The Elgin-St. Thomas Cycling & Hiking Trail Map highlights that Elgin St Thomas has so many wonderful ways to be active.  The map features routes where you can walk, hike, jog, cross country ski, and cycle on the beautiful trails and parks throughout Elgin County and St. Thomas. Many of the routes included in the map are a result of the Elgin St Thomas Cycling Master Plan which was adopted by all Elgin St Thomas municipalities in September 2014. The Elgin-St. Thomas hiking and cycling trail maps are available at Railway City Tourism, Elgin County Tourism, Elgin St. Thomas Public Health, and throughout the County at each Municipal office. Get your trail map today and start exploring what our community has to offer!  Pick yours up today or view it electronically here!